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Should I Get Screened for Prostate Cancer? Pros and Cons of Early Detection

Take the quiz Musical Words Quiz A quiz in common time. Take the quiz Spell It Can you spell these 10 commonly misspelled words? Play the game. The earlier you mention symptoms to your doctor, the better. Depending on your symptoms, your doctor may recommend screening to confirm or rule out the disease. Symptoms include:. Treatment may include radiation, surgery, chemotherapy, immunotherapy, or hormone therapy. Surgery can remove cancerous cells from the body, whereas chemotherapy and radiation help kill or shrink cancer cells. Immunotherapy helps boost your immune system so your body can fight the disease.

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Hormone therapy stops testosterone from feeding cancer cells. Prostate cancer is a serious disease, but early screening is an option. Speak with your doctor to determine the right time to begin cancer screenings. Your doctor may recommend screenings beginning at age 40 or later after evaluating your risk, including your family history.

Prostate Cancer Screening: Pros and Cons

Regardless of the recommendation, learn how to recognize signs of prostate cancer and see a doctor if you develop any symptoms. Your doctor may be able to rule out prostate cancer without a biopsy. Learn about alternative tests that can be used to determine your risk. Prostate nodules aren't always a sign of cancer, but they could be.

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Find out more about what causes prostate nodules and next steps. Free PSA may be used to help determine your risk for prostate cancer. Learn how this test differs from PSA test and biopsy.

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It's possible to have high PSA levels and not have prostate cancer. Here are eight possible causes for your results. A prostate screening can help your doctor find prostate cancer early.

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What's the recommended age for a prostate exam, and does everyone need one…. There's a spectrum of treatments for prostate cancer.

Deciding on the right approach should be a shared decision between you and your doctor. What you eat may affect your outlook for prostate cancer. Proactive dietary changes, particularly if you eat a typical "Western" diet, may help…. This Star Wars themed hardware is the work of hardware designer Thomas Flummer for the BornHack conference held in Denmark last month. It fits the hand nicely, and with clever side-on placement of the two AA battery holders a trick we first saw with the Hackday Superconference badge it also keeps any protruding solder joints away from clothing.

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Three buttons at the edge of the board to the left of the screen are a nice fit for your thumb when holding it in your left hand — a good choice if you happen to leave your right hand behind on a visit to the Cloud City of Bespin. Between the battery holders lies a four-way joystick, two buttons, and a 6-pin add-on connector. All of the hardware is on the front of the PCB, with no components on the reverse other than the solder joints for the batteries.

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C1 advanced: Pros and cons of mobile phones

But it is there you will find a set of exposed pads for serial and I2C interfaces. This is a fantastic summer for hacker camps and I was very happy to make it to BornHack this year. This week-long camp attracts hackers from all over Europe and the mix of a few hundred friends and soon-to-be friends who gathered on the Danish island of Fyn delivered a unique experience for the curious traveller. The camp takes place at the Hylkedam Danish scout camp, located in a forest amid the rolling Danish famland not too far from the small town of Gelsted.

As an aside, every bored cop between France and the Danish border wanted to stop my year-old right-hand-drive Volkswagen on UK plates, but soon lost interest after walking up to the passenger side and finding no driver. It seems Brits are considered harmless, which is good to hear. While wandering through CCCamp last weekend, in between episodes of forcing Marmite on the unwary, I ran into the well-known Hackaday. In a last-minute sprint leading up to the con he built himself the Numberwang badge to join in the colorful after-dark festivities with beautiful board artwork and remarkably enjoyable backlit LED display.

It has an LED strip on the reverse shining through the bare FR4 as a diffuser, and the Numberwang effect of selecting random numbers is achieved by a host of random touchable numbers sprinkled across its front. For those mystified by Numberwang, it is a fictional gameshow from a BBC TV comedy programme that involves contestants answering the quizmaster with random numbers.