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However, they start shooting lasers, much to everyone's surprise. Shortly after, one of the puppies is sucked into a black hole that Star accidentally creates in Marco's room, and its current fate is unknown.

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In " Brittney's Party ", to impress Brittney 's guests, Star creates another puppy to perform a laser light show. Not pleased, Brittney whips the puppy with her hair. In " Marco Grows a Beard ", a talking laser puppy appears in Star's dream, giving her the encouragement to move through Marco's overgrown beard.

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Upon waking, she uses an actual laser puppy's eye lasers to cut through the hair, but loses it after encountering Ludo and his minions. In " My New Wand! In " Red Belt ", the laser puppies join Star on her "scavenger hunt" through the house for a hammer. In " Fetch ", Star and Marco take the laser puppies to the local dog park.

Later on, Marco tries to get one to use its lasers to open his juice pouch, but it zaps him in the eye instead, causing it to glow for a short while. In " Page Turner ", one of the laser puppies is seen eating the chips Glossaryck throws aside in his quest to find the one "perfect chip" in the bag.

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In " Running with Scissors ", the laser puppies pester Marco into taking them to the dog park. Marco uses Star's dimensional scissors to open a portal to the park, and the laser puppies pass through it.

When Star looks through the portal a while later, she sees that the puppies have set the park ablaze with their laser eyes. In " Return to Mewni ," one of the laser puppies identified as "Barko Diaz" is with Marco while he sits in the kitchen, depressed over Star's departure. Browse edition. If you wish, you can contact us using any of the methods below.

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