Guide Global Dynamics of the Earth: Applications of Normal Mode Relaxation Theory to Solid-Earth Geophysics

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Malahoff, Detection and location of earthquakes in the central Aleutian subduction zone using island and ocean bottom seismograph stations, J. Bowman, J. Brodsky, N. Getting, H. Spetzler, an experimental and theoretical approach to rock deformation at elevated temperature and pressure, Sp.

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Testing and Materials: , Burnley, P. Chen, G. Cormier, V. Datta, S. Shah, W. Karunasena, Wave propagation in composite media and material characterization, in Elastic Waves and Ultrasonic Nondestructive Evaluation: , S. Datta, J. Achenbach, Y. Dahlen, F. Smith, The influence of rotation on the free oscillations of the Earth, Phil.

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Part II - Core 1 Geophysics — Department of Earth Sciences

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Basic Geophysics: Free Oscillations of the Earth

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Liang, B. Bryan, Estimates of the stress field in Kilauea's south flank, Hawaii, Geophys. Martin, R. III, M. III, R. Habermann, M. Wyss, The effect of stress cycling and inelastic volumetric strain on remanent magnetization, J. Meertens, C. Letters , Mizutani, H. Spetzler, H. Paffenholz, J. Burkhardt, Absorption and modulus measurements in the seismic frequency and strain range on partially saturated sedimentary rocks, J.

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McKenzie, and J. Hoggard, M. White, and D. Jones, Stephen M. Ding, Xiao-Yang, and Stephen P.

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B12 December 10, : — Galer, S. Goldstein, and R. Grand, Stephen P. B6 June 10, : — Isacks, Bryan, and Peter Molnar. Kennett, B. Widiyantoro, and R. Lundgren, Paul, and Domenico Giardini. B8 : Rudge, John F. White, William M.

C1: Geophysics Core Course

Wit, R. Trampert, and R. B3 March Zindler, A, and S Hart. Lecture 22 McKenzie, Dan. McKenzie, Dan, David N. Barnett, and Dah-Ning Yuan. McKenzie, Dan, Peter G. Ford, Fang Liu, and Gordon H. E10 : Woodhouse, and Arwen Deuss. Deuss, A. Fukao, Y. Subducted slabs stagnant above, penetrating through, and trapped below the km discontinuity. Solid Earth , JB Liu, Qinya, and Jeroen Tromp.

Ritsema, J. Woodhouse, J. Woodhouse, John H. B7 July 10, : — Lecture 24 Austermann, Jacqueline, Jerry X. Mitrovica, Peter Huybers, and Alessio Rovere. Zhu, H.


Structure of the European upper mantle revealed by adjoint tomography. Quick Links Department Directory Library. Support the Department. Study at Cambridge Undergraduate Graduate International students Continuing education Executive and professional education Courses in education. Vermeersen and R. In recent years, advances in space geodetic techniques such as GPS and InSAR have reached a level of accuracy that makes it possible to investigate crustal deformation at an unprecedented degree of detail.

The aim of this study is to The aim of this study is to provide an analysis of how surface measurements of postseismic deformation are affected by flow in a laterally heterogeneous crust and. The GOCE satellite, due to be launched in or , is expected to enhance the precision of the observed gravity field potential for high spherical harmonics. Accuracies in the geoid of down to 1 cm precision on spatial scales of Accuracies in the geoid of down to 1 cm precision on spatial scales of 60 to km are aimed at.

Correcting for Glacial Isostatic Adjustment in the static gravity field in northwestern Europe more. Root , B. Vermeersen and Pascal Rosenblatt. Deformation pattern of the 17 August , Turkey earthquake observed by satellite radar interferometry more. The contribution of Glacial Isostatic Adjustment GIA to present-day mass change in Antarctica has a magnitude comparable to the total signal variations of current gravity and altimetry satellite missions. As a consequence, final ice