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The province of Salerno is a combination of unique emotions. It is the beauty of the coast.

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It is the charm of an ancient history. It is the scent of an unspoiled environment. It only takes a little to discover such magic. The Apennines, true monuments to nature, frame a dimension of soft sea breezes, small bays and coves, a pristine coast, streams surrounded by green forests, picturesque villages, places of a distant past, ancient traditions, of things still made with love. It is all there.

If the appeal of the coast captures the look of the world, the inland conquers the soul of those who explore it.

Province of Salerno

The marvelous littoral, filled with beaches, cliffs and enchanting caves, facing a sea that is a kaleidoscope of colors, prepares the visitor to the splendor of the interior. Green valleys crossed by the Sarno River, with the Picentini and Lattari Mountains looking over, landscapes drawn by geometric cultivations from which the intense red of the San Marzano tomatoes often emerges.

This is a welcoming land that offers its guest flavors and scents, quiet and silence while it tells its history through palaces, churches and castles, popular traditions and cultural events. A generous nature that has not left behind a single corner of the province. One can feel to have crossed the boundaries of Cilento.

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Sheer cliffs, caves and caverns, white beaches, maquis and a multi-coloured sea: such is the Cilento Coast, which stretches from Acropoli to Sapri crossing many picturesque villages filled with history. Driving inland, the visitor enters the heart of the National Park, a natural treasure where the green of the oak, maple, ash and chestnut forests becomes more intense and, on the mountains, give way to tall beech forests.

It is a world of contrasts, tied to one another by the harmony of an environment of incomparable beauty. A trip to this land remains fixed in the memories of the heart, protected by a love that will take the visitor back to this land. It is the result of an effort that is evident to everybody. The visitor is stunned by the bright and intense colours from every angle, by the light it releases from every corner as the sun had a special connection with them, by the shapes that the elements have given the cliffs, by the cobalt blue of the sea that blends with that of the sky, by the colourful houses hanging on to the rocks, by the signs of ancient civilizations, by the artwork exposed in this natural museum, by the joy of the local people, by the intense scent of the lemons and by the colour of the olive groves, the vineyards, and the blossoming gardens.

This landscape can be found throughout the small villages lined up along the coast. Atrani , a picturesque village where the bright colours of the gardens are interspersed among the white houses. The elegant and sophisticated Ravello , with the Duomo and the gorgeous Villa Cimbrone and Villa Rufolo, a mixture of different styles and periods surrounded by charming terraces and home of the famed Festival.

Minori , famous for the beauty of the landscape and for the 1st century Roman villa, finely decorated with stuccos, mosaics and frescos. Praiano , which can be discovered by hiking the trails that wind through an unparalleled environment, or by visiting places such as the church of S.

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Luca Evangelista that displays marvellous 16th century paintings. The colour of the houses mingles with that of the boutiques, the workshops and the elegant bars and restaurants that enliven the narrow streets. A visit to the Grotta dello Smeraldo , or Emerald Cave, is a wonderful experience thanks to the many stalactites and stalagmites and the bright colour diffused by the sunlight penetrating through the cracks of the rocks.

There are many itineraries along trails that narrate the millennia of history, with a gorgeous sea and pristine beaches framing it. A small gem is the famous Marina di Camerota , with its peculiar port, the coves and the wonderful caves.

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Also charming is the jagged coast of Palinuro, carved by the many sea caves such as the Grotta Azzurra. Magnificent at night, and even more beautiful during the day when the three temples — the Temple of Hera , the oldest, the Temple of Neptune , the largest, and the Temple of Cerere , actually dedicated to Athena — acquire different shades according to the angle of the sun.

Valued finds are exhibited in the Museo Archeologico Nazionale , among which the 33 metopes that once decorated the Temple of Hera and the frescos of the Tomb of the Diver from the 5th century BC. In the park one can find the majestic complex of the Certosa di S.

Scala dei Turchi, Sicily

Lorenzo, otherwise known as Certosa di Padula , one of the largest monasteries in the world. Salerno , the seat of this wonderful land, has a modern town built around the harbour and an old, medieval town at the bottom of the Arechi Castle from which there is a spectacular view of the whole Bay. Among the main attractions the city provides, the Duomo of S. Matteo , with the bronze portal and the tall cylindrical bell tower, and the Church of S.

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Everything a traveler could wish for. The splendid natural beauty, a mild climate with few rivals in the world, the archaeological remains, the historical and artistic wealth, fine and diverse architecture, the famous culinary heritage, the prestigious wines. The distinctive character of this extraordinary destination is the unmatched variety of age old historical charm, superb sceneries dotted with sites and monuments which are among the most famous and visited in the world like Mount Vesuvius with Pompeii and Herculaneum laying at its feet, the enchanting bay of Naples and its islands like legendary Capri.

Not to mention Sorrento with its lemon and orange groves and olive trees covered green hills. The mind blowing beauty of the Amalfi coast with Ravello, Positano and so on. The superb Royal Palace of Caserta, largest in the world, comparable only to Verailles in France and of course Naples itself, capital of its own kingdom for years which extended from Sicily to almost Rome.

Campania Region - Italy

Pulsing heart of southern Italy Naples offers to its visitors an amazing varieties of appealing attractions. Castles, museums, churches, monasteries, monuments. An intriguing and exciting city full of art, culture and a unique and strong identity. A city of many faces, colors, narrow dark medieval alleyways and wide boulevards lined with beautiful historical buildings.

Other parts of this region offer visitors emotions just as amazing with the added benefit of the tranquility of less known and therefore less crowded destinations like the ancient Greek built city of Paestum with its majestic temples, the phlegraean fields where volcanoes, lakes and a breathtaking coastline and landscape are scattered with Greek and roman cities, temples, amphitheaters and countless vestiges and there will be more where one least expect it, shadowy forests, ancient castles, age old sanctuaries and religious sites of endless fascination.

Let me also mention the more mundane many leisures offered by beautiful and well equipped beach clubs with their crystal clear sea, thermal natural hot springs establishments, natural parks, agritourism, trattorias and restaurants ready to let the visitors savor our local typical mouthwatering food like pizzas, pastas, sea food, mozzarella, wines, pastries.