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Media, Persuasion and Propaganda

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Performance and reliability cookies These cookies allow us to monitor OverDrive's performance and reliability. Tactics of persuasion have become commonplace in a media environment shaped by promotional culture.

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Television shows visualizing crisis management experts, spectacular election campaigns, and partisan manoeuvring—such as Scandal and House of Cards —illuminate parallels between their fictional worlds and contemporary political reality that resonate with popular culture. Media, Persuasion and Propaganda stresses the need to situate scholarly and popular views of deception, publicity, and marketing within an interdisciplinary context in order to identify how such elements function across different media, such as orality, news media, advertising, political discourse, cinema, documentary, and performance art.

Soules aims to highlight the political, cultural, and economic factors that influence how messages are constructed and circulated in public discourse.

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Soules begins with a West African folklore tale featuring Eshu, a deity representing chance and disruption, who tricks two friends into an argument through an act of deception. His reference to the folklore narrative introduces readers to his central argument that promotion, persuasion, and propaganda are cultural practices that are continuously evolving. What constitutes or defines an act of inducement, publicity, or propaganda varies according to the medium and how messages are perceived and interpreted by the public.

Think Critically about Where Persuasion Becomes Propaganda

Persuasive strategies aim to shift existing beliefs through the use of an anchoring value that resonates with audiences; persuasion transforms into propaganda when messages are constructed to deliberately mislead publics for political, economic, or cultural gain. Media, Persuasion and Propaganda illuminates the ways in which deception, trickery, and marketing energize and simultaneously disrupt culture. By focusing on how persuasion is performed across the media landscape, Soules illuminates the ethical concerns and dilemmas that distort distinctions between promotion and propaganda.

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  7. Media, Persuasion and Propaganda is clearly designed and written to function as a course text for upper-level undergraduate seminar discussions, with Soules concluding each chapter with a set of questions and exercises for students.