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The Aztec Hotel opened in Today it wears a combination of brown and green paint. The Motel Casa Bonita at E. Huntington Drive called itself the "Sweetest on Monrovia is the fourth-oldest incorporated city in Los Angeles County behind Los Angeles, Santa Monica, and Pasadena thus permitting Route 66 to claim to be the most prominent highway link connecting them all.

The name of the city was derived from an early rancher, William Monroe. The first alignment of Route 66 through Monrovia was on Foothill Blvd. Foothill Blvd. Its future is a bit uncertain right now. However, the motels developed later during the post-War period on Huntington Drive although nearly all are gone now. The Motel Zanzibar was at E. Route 66 was Huntington Drive through the City of Duarte.

As recently as it was operating as the Capri Motel but shortly thereafter it was razed for a new multi-unit residential complex.

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Route 66 shifted to Foothill Blvd. Incorporated late in the 19th century, Azusa, calls itself the "Canyon City", so-named because of its location at the mouth of the San Gabriel Canyon State Highway 39 to the north. Azusa is known today for the Foothill Drive-In Theatre which has been closed for some time and the subject of a lot of controversy about its future. Purchased by Azusa Pacific University, college administrators planned to raze the remaining structure for a parking lot but the theatre was placed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Lawsuits were filed and the Theatre was removed from the Register data base and razed. Only the marquee sign is left.

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The Madonna of the Trail statue was erected in Glendora has two alignments of Route 66, as Monrovia does. The early alignment was Foothill Blvd.

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The motels developed on Alosta since it was the post-War alignment. The City of Glendora recently renamed their part of Alosta as "Route 66". The 20th Century Motor Court, which dates well back to the Route 66 days, is still operating today in Glendora. Upland is known for having one of the dozen national Madonna of the Trail statues, all dedicated to the early pioneer women and children and their role in settling the West. The statues were planned in the mids and the idea was to place one in each state through which the National Highway also called the "Old Trails National Highway" in the Southwest traveled on its way from coast to coast.

Sculptor August Leimbach prepared a small model of a pioneer mother with her baby in one arm and a rifle in her other while a small boy clinged to her long skirt. The model won the competition and Mr. Leimbach gained the commission to produce the twelve statues. These statues were cast from a slurry of crushed marble, granite, cement and other stone that was poured into a mold, so all statues across the country are the same although the particular geographical and historical information cut into the base varies on each.

The base of this statue mentions that trapper and scout Jedediah Smith led 16 trappers into the area, the first non-Native Americans to reach California overland in Mention is also made of the significant role of the Spanish padres in settling the coastal area of California as well.

This statue was erected in , just three years after the commissioning of US Highway This building burned down in and John Clearman built and opened a new restaurant which he called the Magic Lamp Inn in Cucamonga Garage. Cucamonga was known for its orchards, vineyards and wineries in the Route 66 days of the past. The incorporated City of Rancho Cucamonga was created in from the unincorporated areas known as Cucamonga, Alta Loma, and Etiwanda.

Like many of the suburbs east of Los Angeles, Rancho Cucamonga is substantially suburbanized today. The Sycamore Inn, in the "Bear Gulch" area of Cucamonga, is still open today after 60 years of operation.

A Richfield gasoline station occupies the corner of Foothill Blvd. Fontana has been known as the place where Henry J. Kaiser built a huge steel mill in to supply steel to several Kaiser shipyards located on the West coast. The mill, which was sited here to be beyond the range of guns on enemy warships, occupied an area of about two square miles about one mile south of Route Unlike the region of the USA that spans from the upper Midwest to Pennsylvania, the West is not known for its production and use of iron ore. In fact this Kaiser steel mill had the first blast furnace west of the Rocky Mountains.

The Vulcan Iron Ore Mine located in the Mojave Desert north of Route 66 opened the same year and was worked to supply ore for this mill. Iron ore would be loaded into Union Pacific hopper cars at Kelso where it would be transported by the railroad to Daggett and through Cajon Pass and then to this Kaiser Steel mill. Kaiser modernized the plant just prior to shutting it down in the early s. Much of the plant equipment was broken down into units and sections and shipped to China for re-assembly and re-use.

Mac's Garage was 5 miles west of San Bernardino. Rialto is known for the final Wigwam Motel that was built in right on Foothill Blvd. Route The Wigwam Motel has been refurbished and upgraded after a decade under previous management who operated it under a non-traveler-friendly business model.

It was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in Way out here on Foothill Blvd. Like much of coastal California, the first white settlers to what would eventually become San Bernardino were Spanish missionaries. In time ranches were established and a community was born. Mormons were dispatched from Salt Lake City to acquire and settle land where additional and alternative food could be cultivated and harvested.

In they purchased much of the land in what today is central San Bernardino and laid out a city. Mormon leadership recalled the settlers in and most returned to Salt Lake City although some stayed in California. San Bernardino was and still is a major railroad town. The Santa Fe Railroad is the most important railroad here, with a substantial freight yard and large mission-style depot with what once was an attached Harvey House restaurant.

Nearby the Union Pacific railroad split from the Santa Fe tracks that traveled from Daggett to San Bernardino through Cajon Pass, and switched over to their own tracks for service to the Los Angeles area. Route 66 shifts from Foothill Blvd. Condition is very good with some wear along the edges and corners of the outside.


Postcards inside are in excellent condition. There are a few names and addresses written inside the back cover in ink. Folder is unused. Copyright Includes 18 color views 9 postcards with a scene on each side all intact. Condition is very good with some light wear along the outside edges of the folder.

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Machine used by Edison for weaving and insulating electric wire. Holiday Motel, Helena, Montana. Gene and Thelma Billerbeck, Owner-Managers. Calvary Reformed Church, Reading Pennsylvania. Denny's Motel, 6 miles west of Albany, New York. Redwood Motel, Charlton, Massachusetts. Flood, Chicago Ave, Columbus, Ohio. March 26, Overturned car.

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St Louis Gateway Arch, July 4th. Independence Day, fireworks over Mississippi River.