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In , after TSR had been bought out by WotC , but before it was dropped as a separate brand, it released a generic rules set for science fiction role playing game. It was written by Bill Slavicsek and Richard Baker. Using a dual dice mechanic of rolling a control die d20 and situation dice such as d4 for resolving tasks but the dice size and number rolled could change due to circumstantial modifiers. The aim being to succeed by roll low under a target number such as a skill then working out what degree of success or failure occurred.

Despite being a nicely-illustrated book, having good reviews and a well presented rule book, it had little in the way of actual sales.

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There were a few campaign settings sold for it, notably a pen and paper version of Blizzard's PC game Starcraft. The product line was discontinued but settings such as Dark Matter survived into D20 Modern. Jump to: navigation , search. Shelve Red Starrise. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

Star Craft

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