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Light polarized along the direction of the magnetic field perpendicular to the line of sight is transmitted, while light polarized in the plane defined by the rotating grain is blocked. Thus the polarization direction can be used to map the galactic magnetic field.

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The degree of polarization is on the order of 1. Normally, a much smaller fraction of circular polarization is found in starlight.

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The explanation is that the interstellar medium is optically thin. An optical depth of 1 corresponds to a mean free path, which is the distance, on average that a photon travels before scattering from a dust grain. So on average, a starlight photon is scattered from a single interstellar grain; multiple scattering which produces circular polarization is much less likely.

Light from early-type stars has very little intrinsic polarization.

Kemp et al. The interstellar medium can produce circularly polarized CP light from unpolarized light by sequential scattering from elongated interstellar grains aligned in different directions. One possibility is twisted grain alignment along the line of sight due to variation in the galactic magnetic field; another is the line of sight passes through multiple clouds.

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Martin [16] showed that the interstellar medium can convert LP light to CP by scattering from partially aligned interstellar grains having a complex index of refraction. An optically thick circumstellar environment can potentially produce much larger CP than the interstellar medium.

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Martin [16] suggested that LP light can become CP near a star by multiple scattering in an optically thick asymmetric circumstellar dust cloud. Chrysostomou et al. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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For other uses, see Starlight disambiguation. The romance of modern astronomy. Hearnshaw CUP Archive. Heyday — via Google Books. Scientific Photography and Applied Imaging. CRC Press.

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