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Tools are available to help you manage and reduce your stress. If you are having difficulty coping with the demands in your life, you are experiencing stress. Everyone has stress. While some challenge is healthy, too much stress creates problems in our lives.

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If you are overly stressed for too long, it can put your health at risk. Stress is an unavoidable reality of life. Stress can increase our awareness in difficult or dangerous situations, allowing us to act quickly in the moment. But if stress is constant over time, it can be detrimental to your health.

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So, stress prevention and management is important, and will help you juggle the many things going on in your life. Many things can trigger stress and can be positive or negative.

Dr. Oz and Karl Romain Demonstrate Stress-Relieving Qigong Exercises

In a dangerous situation, stress will trigger your fight-or-flight response and cause the following symptoms:. This stress allows you to make split-second decisions and is what helped cavemen either face a threat or flee. Your body is only meant to handle stress in small bursts. A lowered immune system means you are more prone to colds and infections.

Over time, constant strain can also lead to:. Everyone responds to stress differently and identifying what stresses you out can be easier said than done. In other cases, finding the root of your stress and anxiety may be more challenging.

Stress Management and Prevention

Learn to know how you react to stress and what specifically stresses you out. Keep a daily journal and record when something causes you undue stress or anxiety. Then try to answer these questions when stress arises:. Some stress is unavoidable and the best you can do is to manage it. Some things are within your control. It might be hard to turn someone down or not participate in a certain event, but saving your energy and having time for yourself is important.

The Negative Effects of Stress

But where do you start? First, make a list. Number the items in order of importance and complete them one at a time.

Talk to your spouse, children, parents, friends, and coworkers. This is the best way to reduce job stress and the illnesses that accompany stress and should be top priority.

Primary prevention strategies can be employed on a number of levels. Examples in work site settings include workplace ergonomic policies, minimum staffing levels for nurses, bans on mandatory overtime, and paid family leave laws.

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In unionized workplaces, collective bargaining can also be very effective for implementing stress reduction strategies. In non-unionized settings, employee groups and management working together can address workplace stressors through quality improvement teams and other similar participatory interventions. Secondary interventions aim to modify an individual's response to stressors. They often include providing training and education to employees on stress management to assist employees in coping with residual stress in the environment and reducing its harmful effects.