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Future-proof your degree: why these qualifications will stand the test of time

Obsolete technologies that will baffle modern children. The biggest technology flops in history.

The most famous photoshopped images of all time. Technologies that have stood the test of time: in pictures.

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The battery Google has honoured the inventor of the battery, Alessandro Volta, in its latest Google Doodle to mark what would have been his th birthday. Technology galleries.

Technologies that have stood the test of time: in pictures

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Follow TelegraphPics on Twitter Receive updates every time we produce a new picture gallery. For some, architecture is easy to take for granted.


It's everywhere in our daily lives—sometimes elegant, other times shabby, but generally ubiquitous. How often do we stop to examine and contemplate its form and style?

  • Fayol stands the test of time.
  • 1. Pierce Brosnan and Keely Shaye Smith.
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  • Memoirs that Stand the Test of Time - Axioo.
  • For most, when walking through a community you either get a good feeling, bad feeling, or are impartial. How we approach a new community is not only through the architecture, but street design, landscape design, colors, and art all orchestrated into the perfect symphony!

    We hope that the outcome of our hard work is realized in the end. My travels through Greece not only inspired me but also reminded me of the strong roots we came from and the legacy we are building here in Sacramento!